Wake up everyone! Today is Awakening Conscious Activity! Mars is joining Neptune and Uranus for this beautiful day of discovery. The Reflection and Awareness you explored the last three days will come flooding into your reality as the urge to take action. The intention to “do” is heightened today and what you “do” is an expression of the last three days of Reflection and Awareness. Expanding your Purpose is the accent of this moon cycle with Neptune and Jupiter hosting. Open your Self to new activities that feel more purposeful to you. What is being presented to you as thoughts, ideas, activities, and relationships that feel more meaningful? Example: I woke up this morning with the inspiration to write a blog on Inclusiveness… Inclusiveness? Where did that come from? That is Mars, Neptune, and Jupiter working together, mixing the pot of my Consciousness. How are they mixing your pot? It’s another glorious day of experiencing humanness… Awaken your Conscious Activity!