This new moon week of Neptune and Jupiter’s Peace involves three days of the Moon’s influence which is Reflection and Awareness. You are being nudged to go a little deeper each day with your reflections and bringing those reflections into your awareness. What does it mean to go a little deeper? Bring your focus inward, assess how you feel. What is your relationship with your Self like at this time? Are you confused, don’t understand, or questioning things about your Self? Look at what is being presented to you compared to the way you believe or would like things to be. Is there a contrast? This is a time to “get real” with your Self and your Reality. We tend to tell ourselves a story of our Self and our life, and our actual experiences tell another story. We are always choosing which story we accept and listen to as guidance and direction. Take extra time today to check in with your Self and what you are being presented with at this time. Write down the facts of your reality at this time… you may be surprised what the Moon reveals to you!

the Moon