Today is another day of Reflection and Awareness and the Moon is present with the assistance of Neptune and Jupiter to get this moon cycle’s party started! What are we reflecting on and bringing into our awareness? Think of it as doing the preparations for a party. What is the theme of the party, the lighting, music, food, and decorations? What are the qualities and characteristics of Neptune and Jupiter and how will they be influencing this moon cycles growth? Neptune is Truth, Purpose, and Service… and Jupiter takes those Neptune qualities and characteristics and expands them through imagination. Jupiter presents an out-of-the-box, broader perspective and understanding of your Truth, Purpose, and Service, which brings a deeper Peace to your understanding of your Self. I imagine this moon cycle party a little mellower than last moon cycle(!), with soft jazz, a delicate array of hors d’oeuvres, subtle blue decorations, soft lighting with a few candles, and lots of room for mellow dancing… what do you imagine?

the Moon