Happy New Moon!
Today is the start of a new moon cycle! The Earth, Moon, and Sun are in alignment and we welcome Neptune and Jupiter as our hosts. Purpose and Vision will be the theme with this transitional moon cycle. The Spring equinox is just around the corner, March 20th, and Neptune and Jupiter will be escorting us into the Spring Season of moon cycles. Reflection and Awareness are the key words today. Can you feel the new potential of this moon cycle? It’s that time again to look in the mirror, maybe for a few minutes, and ponder the reflection. What is your purpose? Why are you here experiencing this lifetime? What is your vision? I am truly embracing the virtue of Peace that is associated with this moon cycle! Thank you Uranus for your intense creative energy of last moon cycle. It was quite a wild ride! Time to take a much needed breath and pause… it’s a new day!

the Moon