Imagine your consciousness as this fertile, steaming, rich, dark, soil ready for the next wave of growth of the next moon cycle. You have read the chapter and done all the exercises in the text book for this moon cycle. You can close the book for today and relax. The bell is about to ring for the class to be over. Remember how that felt? Everyone turned in their seats, conversing with each other with their coats in hand, patiently waiting. Today we relish in our new understanding of our Self and what we have learned about Joy this moon cycle. Today is all about Joy and celebrating with the Sun and that illumination. Joy is the fundamental element of the learning objectives for the next moon cycle. We will soon be using it in earnest. How does Joy feel to you today? Does it have a certain energy and flow to it? Or is it more consistent, substantial way of being? Play with the Sun and your beautiful Self-expression today. The bell just rang, time to burst through the school doors and into the light! See you tomorrow in the next classroom… opening a new text book!

the Sun