Do you remember the text books you used in grade school? They were broken up into chapters, exercises associated with each section in the chapter, and then a review at the end of the chapter. As you did the review questions, you refined your understanding of what you learned throughout the chapter, and you assimilated the information into a comprehensive understanding rather than holding it in bits and pieces. Today, the Sun joins Uranus and Saturn in a concentrated effort of refinement and illumination of all you have learned throughout this moon cycle. Think of it as sharpening your pencil and opening the textbook of your self to the review questions. What were the chapter exercises that were presented to you throughout this moon cycle? Review your journal, planner, or workbooks you have used during the moon cycle. Allow the Sun to assist you with illuminating and refining those experiences into a more comprehensive understanding. You may feel a warmth and new energetic flow as you do this. Embrace it… all of your chakras are opening up!

the Sun