Refinement is the key word for today. Saturn is on double duty with bringing your new understanding of your Self into a deeper level of your Consciousness. Imagine this new understanding of your Self being composted into the very rich, fertile soil of your Consciousness. As it does this, aspects of it are released similar to the gases and chemical reactions of decomposing, Turning a compost pile adds air which improves the decomposing process. Uranus is here to do the turning and stirring, and Saturn is the refining aspect. Beliefs and concepts are being released which allows for the new understanding of your Self to assimilate into a new Self-realization. I imagine Uranus with a pitch fork turning the compost pile of my Consciousness while Saturn is working with the newly turned soil throwing out the pieces that are not decomposed. What a process for sure! This refinement may feel a bit disorienting. Be especially compassionate with your Self today… the pitchfork may sting every now and then!