Venus joins Uranus and Saturn today with opening your heart to a new understanding of your Self. Uranus nudges you to expand your awareness of your feelings today. Be affectionate with and accepting of your Self. Take more moments today than you normally would to check in on how you are feeling. Are you calm, excited, joyous, contemplative, out of sorts..? Hold in mind expanding those feelings and set the intention to learn from them the new understanding of your Self. Saturn is fully present to assist you with these new insights. You only need to inquire. Why do I feel this way? What is this showing me about my Self and my relationship with my Self? What can I learn about my Self and use it in developing a stronger sense of Self? These are the last few days of the this moon cycle which are the release phase. In the release phase, you allow new meaning to be fully assimilated into your Consciousness and release those beliefs about your Self that no longer serve you. Opening your heart and being aware of your feelings is the first step in releasing what is no longer needed. Let what needs to fall away, fall away, and embrace the new feeling and understanding of your Self… Love is in all around you!