Jupiter Day! You may feel a little scattered today. Your imagination wants to run and Uranus will be using your imagination to break apart beliefs that no longer serve you. You are opening up your Self through your imagination. Allow your Self extra time today to just play! What haven’t you done in a while that sounds fun? Would you like some time to your Self to just daydream? Sit in the park and soak up the things around you? Loosen your grip on your agenda and allow Jupiter and Uranus to have their fun with you. Saturn is always hanging around keeping a tab on things so it is all productive fun that has an educational theme. This is a day of vision that summarizes this moon cycle with a deeper understanding of your Self. Do you feel a larger sense of freedom? Do feel more space in your reality for new experiences? Do you feel a more refined structure to your sense of Self? Uranus’s work is quite effective for initiating change to allow room for growth… what a wild ride!