Mars, Mercury, Uranus, and Saturn are having a party today! The outward new Self-expression developed during this moon cycle is now going to be inwardly incorporated as a new understanding of your Self. Uranus is breaking apart any old, worn-out, inappropriate beliefs within your Consciousness to make room for your new understanding of your Self . Uranus is spontaneous and does everything in a big way… So you may feel a little scattered at times. As this process takes place in a concentrated way today, you may realize that some of the things you previously believed about your Self may no longer feel right. New insights may be present: “I can verbally express my feelings”. “I do not have to engage in the drama my mind creates”. “I am able to release some things of my past”… Mars and Mercury will be bringing your new insights to the forefront of your awareness, and Saturn will find new room within your Consciousness to incorporate them. Discovery is a great word for today! What is the new understanding of your Self?… explore the new you!

Mars & Mercury