Happy 3rd Quarter! If you can, take time this morning to find the moon in the western sky before it sets. The Sun and Moon share the sky in the mornings at this time of the moon cycle. The Moon is perfectly balanced with darkness and illumination. The intensity of the reflection is more subtle than at the 1st Quarter. The 3rd Quarter moon week is a more reflective, subjective, and mindful experience. Do you feel your Self turning inward? Are you more in your mind and can you feel a deeper connection to your sense of Self? How does that feel? Pause every now and then today, and take note of this transition and how you are feeling. Your mind is very receptive and open during this next moon week. Saturn and the Moon play a huge part with your mind opening and reflecting on what has happened during the moon cycle so far. Uranus is still present and very excited to work with breaking apart your beliefs and mental structure. It’s all good! You are assimilating your new experience of your Self, your new Self-expression, into your consciousness as a new understanding… a lot is happening!

the Moon