How’s your energy today? Your new Self-expression is now assimilated deeper into your sense of Self as a feeling and vibration. The Sun is fully present today to illuminate those feelings and vibration, and concentrate them. Uranus and Saturn provide the balance of impulses. How we concentrate the Sun’s illumination is no different than how a plant processes the Sun’s light. The chlorophyll provides energy for photosynthesis and the production of nutrients for the plant. Today you are assimilating the Sun’s illumination which is refining a stronger sense of your Self. This stronger sense of Self is new energy that brings a new consciousness, new nutrients to your experiences. Are you feeling more defined around the edges today? Less vulnerable and more centered and calm? Like the sharpening of a pencil so that you are ready for the next assignment? Today is the preparation for the 3rd Quarter moon that is tomorrow. Relax, take it slow, absorb as much sunlight as possible, and just be… you are evolving!

the Sun