Happy Jupiter Day! When Jupiter and Uranus come together there is a lot going on. Jupiter is imagination and Uranus is flashes of inspiration that breaks apart established limiting structures. Jupiter days are most instrumental if you allow our imagination to run free and daydream every now and then. This requires less focus and intention, and a more relaxed mind. Sometimes this takes practice. This is not a day to be practically productive and measure your Self-worth by what you get done. The more you day dream and step into the Jupiter energy, the more insights and a larger vision you will have about your new Self-expression and any challenges you may have at this time. The insights are Uranus working with Jupiter. Of course, Saturn is hanging around to bring you back when get out there too far. Imagine a kite with you, Jupiter, and Uranus on it, and Saturn is holding onto the roll of string. Feel free to float and fly with Jupiter and Uranus wherever it may take you… you have a better perspective from up there!