Mercury and Uranus are arm-in-arm, working together today with bringing forth the spiritual aspect of your new Self-expression. Mercury is the “Link between Spirit and Mind” and Uranus is the “Integration of Spirit and Mind” (the higher aspect of Mercury). How may you experience this today? The practical experience of your new Self-expression that you were getting comfortable the last few days will be be infused with your spiritual energy. Rather than wearing your new Self-expression like a new coat, you will be integrating it on a deeper level within your Consciousness.

Today is the bridge or step between the last few Moon and Mars days and tomorrow’s Jupiter day. Your reflections, new awareness, and conscious activity will be brought forth as a vision. Mercury, and Uranus in this moon cycle, are instrumental in taking that step. Since Uranus is present, this process may be quite intense! You may find your Self experiencing moments of clarity; flashes of insight and inspiration! Keep your head up, don’t look down, and put your seat belt on… crossing this bridge today may be a fantastic ride!