Today is the day you bring out your new Self-expression into Conscious Action. What do you have planned for today? Who are you going to be doing things with today? Your relationships this week are instrumental in bringing your new Self-expression to life. They provide opportunities for you to demonstrate your new Self-expression. This is not something you force, but rather allow to come through naturally. You may hear your Self say surprising things to others, or you may find your Self spontaneously jumping into an activity that involves new relationships. All is good! It is a process that naturally happens in amazing ways. Mars, Uranus, and Saturn come together today to nudge this into happening. Ok, Uranus does more than nudge as we have experienced so far in this moon cycle! The most important thing is to embrace and surrender to the new feeling of your Self whatever that is, and support and nurture it as it is brought forth into your reality. Yahoo!… you are in full bloom!