I woke up early this morning with the moon bathing me in it’s beautiful illuminaton… And as I write this, the Sun, in all it’s glory, is bathing me with it’s beautiful light and energy! Illumination experienced two ways; as a reflection and from the source. Fulfillment is the key word for today which involves Clear Vision and Acceptance. We are experiencing our new Self-expression which is not always easy. Just like wearing a new outfit for the first time, we may need to peek in the mirror a few times today to really get a deeper sense of how this new experience of our Self looks.

When I peek in the mirror, I see a new dress with fun accessories… my comfy socks are still there which gives me comfort. Many things feel different today and I know it will take some time to relax into it and embrace this new experience. I think I will test it out today, take a drive, and see what the world looks like with my new Clear Vision and deeply accept the newness of my relationship with my Self. What do you see in the mirror? How can you test out your new Self-expression?… embrace it and take a drive!

the Moon