Happy Full Moon! Your new Self-expression has come into full realization. The work you did with Uranus and Saturn the first half of this moon cycle has created a new experience of your Self. How do you feel today? When you reflect on the events of the last two moon weeks, do you feel you were presented with any new perspectives or radical changes? Have these experiences brought forth a new aspect of your Self? A new expression, experience, and understanding of who you are? Today is the day to look within your blooming flower of your Self and get an insight into who you are on a deeper level. Reflection and Awareness are the key words for today. Take time to explore your relationship with your Self, how it feels, and any new understandings you may have. Are there any key phrases that come to mind when exploring your relationship with your Self? Write them down. Add color and images, and may be create a collage of how you are feeling today… Uranus is all about creativity!

the Moon