These are the last few days of Uranus’s intense energy before we move into the receptive impulse, the second half of this moon cycle. Uranus is creatively breaking apart structures during the first half, and then Saturn will reign everything in during the second half. I’m looking forward to Saturn putting all the pieces together for me! Wondering if it is the same for you?

Today and tomorrow are days of the Sun’s energy and illumination. Imagine when you drop a glass and it shatters into many pieces on your kitchen floor (Uranus energy). First there is a moment of surprise, and it takes a moment to really assess what has happened. You may have feelings of remorse depending on how attached you were to the glass. The Sun’s energy is the turning point when you step out of the mess around you and make your way to the closet for the dust pan. The Sun brings the awareness of what has happened and that the glass is no longer a glass. From the closet, with dust pan in hand, you can truly asses the scope of Uranus’s work.

All of a sudden the Sun will come streaming through the window and illuminate all the shards of glass, and instead of a thinking it is mess to cleanup, the Sun will show you the unique beauty in each multi-facetted shard, sparkling and gleaming in the sunshine. You are more than a glass… you are a multi-facetted dimensional being!

the Sun