Today is another amazing day of creating! Everyday we unfold some learning about our Self. The dynamics that apply to the moon cycle and moon weeks also applies to the twenty four hours of the day. Twelve hours of awareness, a daily vision at noon, and then twelve hours of integration. What learning are you unfolding about your Self today? Saturn is here to assist you with that. Everything that has happened so far in this moon week is leading up to today and the refinement that leads to “understanding.” Understanding incorporates your new awareness (what you have learned during the moon week), into your mental construct (your consciousness). This moon week is all about bringing your activated learning potentials into your reality through activities… try to reflect on your activities so far this week and “understand” the activated learning potentials within your activities. Is there a common theme? Are there several themes? What are you understanding about your Self today?… each day is an incredible adventure of unfoldment and creating!