What would you like to understand today? All of your experiences from yesterday hold some dimensional understanding about your Self. How do you bring this into your awareness? It takes intention, inquiry, and an open mind. A great exercise for today is to set aside time to list all the activities you did yesterday. Next to each activity add if there was anyone involved with you in that activity. When you look at the list, does one particular activity pop out to you or do you feel was the most intense experience of the day? Use that experience as your first exploration… it holds the most dimensional learning potentials. Close your eyes and relive the experience. What feelings or sensations come forward into your awareness when you do this? List those feelings next to the activity. What virtues do you feel were associated with that activity? Trust, Compassion, Beauty, Wisdom…? If there was another person involved, how did they participate in your experience? As you bring all of this into your awareness… Mercury, Uranus, and Saturn are present to assist you with clarity and what it is you were learning about your Self yesterday. Have fun with them today. What a great learning adventure we are all on!