Happy 1st Quarter! Today, the moon is in the 1st Quarter position of the moon cycle which means the left half is in darkness and the right half is illuminated. Your subconscious potentials, the dark aspect of the moon, are being initiated into your conscious awareness, the illuminated half of the moon, and will manifest within your reality during this next moon week. The new illuminated expression you felt being refined by the Sun yesterday is going to be brought forth within your conscious activity. Uranus and Saturn are going to be quite active today and collaborating with the Moon! Saturn is the subconscious potentials, the dark side of the moon. Uranus is the creative agent, the illuminated aspect of the moon, and the Moon is the inner awareness. Reflection and Awareness are the key words for today with an accent on the power of transition into conscious awareness. Uranus will be creatively acting out in full force bringing those potentials forth into your awareness! What activities do you have planned for today and what new awareness of your Self do those activities bring to you? Take time to reflect, and be especially open to flashes of inspiration and knowing… who knows what you will experience!

the Moon