☀️ Daily Nudge: Get ready… We have a concentrated reorientation phase of this moon cycle. Mars, Mercury, and Saturn are coming together today to assist you with restructuring your beliefs, mental construct, and consciousness. What does that mean? It means your core values and self-truths are being addressed rather than more specific, surface beliefs. When you address your core values and self-truths that are foundational aspects of your consciousness, your mental construct radically readjusts in one fell swoop. Clarity will come in a sparkling instant and you will feel a lightness and effortlessness in moving forward. Things may no longer seem so challenging. It’s like jumping off the high dive at a swimming pool… standing there contemplating it is way more taxing than the actually experience. Mars, Mercury, and Saturn are going to give you the necessary nudge and all of a sudden you will be floating in the water and swimming towards the side of the pool. How refreshing and exhilarating!
💕Mars & Mercury