Uranus & Saturn’s Joy
The 2nd New Moon of the Celestial Year! 

Hello Everyone!

Join Roland and myself for a fun video discussion of our new moon experiences of the 2nd moon cycle of the year, Uranus & Saturn’s Joy… 

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Uranus & Saturn’s Joy
During this moon cycle, the seed of potential established in the last moon cycle will break apart and begin to sprout into new concepts, ideas, and impressions.

The learning potential within this moon cycle is to actively break apart structures within your consciousness to allow your new seed of potential to emerge as a sprout. The combined energy of Uranus and Saturn is the initiating creative force that activates the seed to break apart and begin to sprout into new concepts and ideas.

Balance is the underlying dynamic of Joy. Joy is experienced when the two primary impulses come together in perfect balance, involving the integrated relationship between expansion and contraction; the fundamental dynamics of creation.

The dynamics of Uranus and Saturn “breaking apart” structures may be practically experienced in various ways within your reality: disrupting established patterns, removing or adding relationships, or changing your well-being to force you to move in a new direction. On a very practical level, strength, courage, and gratitude are the three aspects of Joy. You may find your Self in challenging situations this moon cycle that teach you those characteristics.

New Moon

New Potentials…

The seed for Uranus and Saturn’s Joy is accepting and allowing the breaking apart and release of those aspects of your Consciousness that no longer support the development of your new learning potentials, and the refinement of those aspects which support that development.

Joy is the beautiful balance between the creative and receptive impulses; outward energy that breaks apart structures and inward energy that takes the outward energy and refines it into a more productive form.

You are starting the creative, first half of the moon cycle. The Earth, Moon, and Sun are in alignment with each other and are also in alignment with the celestial space of Uranus & Saturn’s Joy. New seeds of Uranus & Saturn’s Joy, as impressions and potentials, are being planted in your consciousness and are germinating with a powerful new direction that will ultimately build a new Self-expression at the full moon.

Can you feel the creative energy of Uranus and the refining energy of Saturn? Can you feel the new potentials sprouting within you? Can you feel the call to understand your Self in a more creative way?

1st Quarter


New experiences will be presented to you in which you will be directly experiencing the creative (breaking apart) and the receptive (refining) impulses within your reality.

You are at the threshold of new experiences. The seeds which were planted at the New Moon are now breaking through the surface of your consciousness and are beginning to grow. The new direction of Uranus & Saturn’s Joy is taking form.

Embracing and supporting this new activity and awareness is very important right now. Be aware of the new experiences being presented to you and of how you are accepting or resisting them. Your flexibility and perseverance will be well rewarded!