Happy New Moon!… Saturn’s Humility
The 1st New Moon of the Celestial Year! 

Hello Everyone!

It’s a new year! I am so excited to be starting another year and sharing the adventure of experiencing, exploring, and growing with you and the moon cycles. We are on our way with this new moon of Saturn’s Humility!

Roland and I have set another year intention to record podcasts for every new and full moon of each moon cycle and check out the new moon information for Saturn’s Humility below…

Love and Light,

Saturn’s Humility New Moon Information

What are you supposed to learn? Expand your knowledge!
Role: Education
I am the Focus aspect of your Reality and my job is to provide you with life exercises that promote personal growth.
Dynamics: Discipline and Contraction

Allowing Higher Consciousness to flow through you uninhibited

During this moon cycle, you will be defining the potentials of your growth for this moon cycle and for this year. Your vision and new dream from last moon cycle are going to be given stability and sustenance that will refine, shape, and germinate your new seed of potential within your subconscious.

The learning potential within this moon cycle is to step out of your “box” so that you may learn and grow. If you used Jupiter’s influence effectively during the last moon cycle, you broke apart your box and have a new understanding and experience of your Self that transcends your physical aspect and brings you closer to the existential Truth of who and what you are. How are you going to use and build upon your new understanding and experience of your Self throughout this year?

Humility, as this moon cycle’s virtue, is being aware that we are all an expression of Consciousness, and allowing Higher Consciousness to flow through us uninhibited. When we are truly humble, we are integrated with Higher Consciousness, and allowing that inherent aspect of us to guide and direct us in all of our endeavors.

Embrace your new understanding and experience of your Self even though it may feel “out there” and beyond your comfort zone. Be open to the seed of potential that is emerging within your consciousness by keeping an open mind and nurturing your Self and your new seed of growth.

New Moon Dynamics

New Potentials…
The seed for Saturn’s Humility is allowing Higher Consciousness to flow through you so that you may learn about and expand your knowledge of your Self as an existential being.

You are starting the creative, first half of the moon cycle. The Earth, Moon, and Sun are in alignment with each other and are also in alignment with the celestial space of Saturn’s Humility. New seeds of Saturn’s Humility, as impressions and potentials, are being planted in your consciousness and are germinating with a powerful new direction that will ultimately build a new Self-expression at the full moon.

Can you feel the refining energy of Saturn? Can you feel the new potentials sprouting within you? Can you feel the call to understand your Self in a new way?