Happy Full Moon!… Jupiter’s Beauty

New MeWe&Us Moon Cycle Podcast! Conversations with Roland…

Join Roland and myself for a half hour discussion as we dive into the Full Moon of Jupiter’s Beauty.

We will be posting a new podcast every New and Full Moon that will keep you up to date with the dynamics of each moon cycle. Thank you Roland for this awesome new adventure!

Here’s the link to Jupiter’s Full Moon podcast:

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Jupiter’s Beauty

Jupiter’s Beauty is the last, transitional moon cycle of 2021. It embodies the winter solstice and gently progresses us into the next celestial year of 2022.

During this moon cycle, you are integrating all of your experiences over the last year back into the rich, fertile soil of your Consciousness, and preparing your Self for the next seed to be planted, which will flourish during the 2022 moon cycles.

The learning potential within this moon cycle is the expanded awareness and inspirational vision of your Self as an expression of Consciousness, which transcends the limitations of humanness and serves the greater experiential growth and evolution of Consciousness.

The Beauty of Consciousness is in the unity of a diversity of uniqueness. We are all unique expressions evolving in our own ways and at the same time contributing to the Oneness of the One Consciousness. When you experience something you consider “beautiful,” you are experiencing an expression of Consciousness that radiates the Oneness and inclusiveness of all of Consciousness; a spiritual expression that transcends physicalness. During this moon cycle, your awareness and sense of Self may feel expanded and scattered. It may be hard to bring things together in a way or form you expect. Jupiter’s expansiveness is always in play and even more so during this moon cycle; the tighter you try to pull your shoe strings the looser they become.

Full Moon Dynamics

Happy Full Moon! The Sun is fully illuminating the Moon in all its glory, and you and your consciousness are also fully illuminated. Have you experienced a new Self-expression? Are you experiencing your Self in a new way? The seeds of potential planted at the New Moon have fully developed into buds and are opening in all their splendor!

The Full Moon is a time for a greater awareness of your Self-expression. You are open and able to peek into the center of your amazing flower and know a deeper aspect of your Self. Embrace your essence and let your radiance shine forth for all to see!