Happy New Moon!… Mars & Pluto’s Unity

New MeWe&Us Moon Cycle Podcast! Conversations with Roland…

Join Roland and myself for a half hour discussion as we dive into the New Moon of Mars & Pluto’s Unity

We will be posting a new podcast every New and Full Moon that will keep you up to date with the dynamics of each moon cycle. Thank you Roland for this awesome new adventure!

Here’s the link to Mars & Pluto’s Unity New Moon podcast:

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Mars & Pluto’s Unity

In the last moon cycle, you were inspired by feeling the Divine in all things which is a very ethereal, dimensional experience. During this moon cycle, you are inspired with the experience of the deep collective unconscious within you, which spiritually guides you on a practical level; how you act and what you do, as part of a larger whole. Together, this moon cycle and the previous moon cycle provide you with a polarity of experiences of the Divine and Spirit. Your greatest growth and personal transformation come from experiencing contrasts.

The collective unconscious is the foundational spiritual field of impulse that defines you as a human being in the greater whole of the human species, as well as all the other species in the collective life on Earth. Bringing this foundational spiritual aspect of your Self into the light of your conscious awareness is transformational. Feeling significantly part of the greater whole of a species is also a strong catalyst for facing, releasing, and surrendering your individuality, aspects of your ego and specialness.

Internal conflict and turmoil may be present during this moon cycle. Your consciousness is attempting to reconcile the foundational spiritual experiences of your collective unconscious and the dynamics of our individuality and uniqueness, and how that compares with feeling the Divine within in all things.

This moon cycle has visionary potentials of understanding the true essence of unity as a species while also appreciating the diverse expressions within the whole. The process of your consciousness unifying the collective unconscious with your conscious awareness is profoundly transformational.

Healing aspect: Surrendering the individual personality to the Higher Self. Expanded awareness of the collective aspect of your Higher Self from experiencing the instinctual spiritual direction of your subconscious desires and feelings, your Collective Unconscious.

New Moon Dynamics

Happy New Moon! You are starting the creative half of the moon cycle. The Earth, Moon, and Sun are in alignment with each other and are also in alignment with an aspect of celestial space. The qualities and characteristics of growth will be unfolding within this moon cycle. New seeds, as impressions and potentials, are being planted in your consciousness and are germinating. Can you feel the new power within you? Can you feel the potential for your new growth?

The alignment of the Earth, Moon, and Sun during the New Moon hides the Moon’s illumination from you, bringing forth your subconscious. This period of darkness allows you to absorb the subconscious seeds being passed from the Sun to the Moon and successfully plant them in your consciousness.