The New Moon is almost here!
July 10th is the start of the Moon’s Trust moon cycle.

You are stepping into the Summer season with the seventh moon cycle, Moon’s Trust, which involves fun, play, and a focus on relationships. Isn’t that what Summer is all about! During the Spring season, Compassion was the virtue and this moon cycle’s virtue is Trust. The Moon’s Trust involves trusting your feelings that are associated with your emotions. Your feelings are informative and show you what issues you may have that hold potentials for healing and growth. Play involves relationships with your Self and others. Others provide a mirror from which you learn about your Self.

The Moon is all about rhythm, patterns, reflection, and awareness. The Moon’s pattern, illumination, and vibration establishes the regenerative cycles that promote and support the experiences of growth, life, and death. During this moon cycle, you may find your Self becoming more attuned and aware of the natural rhythms of time, weather, water, emotions, etc. And music may be more prominent in your experiences.

Allowing your Self to truly feel may be challenging. During this moon cycle, your experiences may bring forth some feelings that may be very uncomfortable as well as feelings that may be unimaginable exquisite. The key to this moon cycle is to transcend any resistance and avoidance you may have of allowing your feelings to flow and be felt. Be courageous and learn how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and vulnerable at times. Water is this moon cycle’s element, so be sure make time for water play: pools, lakes, rivers, puddles, ocean, etc. It’s Summer… Time to play!

New MeWe&Us Moon Cycle Podcast! Conversations with Roland…

Join Roland and myself for a half hour discussion as we dive into the New Moon of Moon’s Trust.

We will be posting a new podcast every New and Full Moon that will keep you up to date with the dynamics of each moon cycle. Thank you Roland for this awesome new adventure!

Here’s the link to the Moon’s Trust New Moon podcast:

The Effects of the Moon’s Trust New Moon on July 10th, 2021 with Wendy Reitz

Love and Light,