Time to celebrate and embrace the new illuminated you! The Summer Solstice on June 20th signifies the start of 2021’s Receptive Impulse. During the second half of the year, you may feel more introspective and reflective. Now is a great time for refinement, restructuring, reorganizing, assimilating, finishing up projects, reading, and setting aside time for personal reflection. Relax, smell the flowers, and reconnect with the deeper aspects of your Self.

Summer is the time of full bloom and the spreading of seeds, as you share your new way of experiencing your Self with others. When Fall comes around, life will slow down, your blooms will diminish, and this year’s seeds will return to the soil, preparing for next year’s growth.

Your personal growth for 2021 has now been defined and illuminated, and it’s time to integrate this newfound understanding of your Self into your consciousness.

The six months of gradual increase in illumination is the Creative half of the year; we grow and expand in new ways. The second half of the year, Summer to Winter Solstice, is the Receptive half of the year; we assimilate our growth back into our Consciousness. I like to imagine each half of the year as Consciousness taking a breath. The first half of the celestial year is the “in breath”, and the second half is the “out breath”. The Winter and Summer solstices are the pauses in between.

Today, reflect on the experiences you have had so far this year and in what ways those experiences have changed you. How are you experiencing your Self in new ways? Give your Self a big hug! It’s a new You that is ready to be expressed in all its glory!

 Celebrate and have a wonderful day of illumination! 

Love and Light,