Happy New Moon… Venus’s Compassion!


There are three types of relationships you are constantly experiencing and navigating at any one time: Self, Others, and Nature. Venus’s Compassion moon cycle involves your relationship with Others. During this moon cycle, you will be exploring Affection, opening your heart, and Acceptance, embracing others and their uniqueness. As you expand your understanding of Affection and Acceptance, you will be developing new levels of Compassion for others.

Venus loves adventures of the heart and finding unique ways of opening your heart. As your heart opens, you may find your Self more emotionally vulnerable than usual and experiencing deeper intense feelings during this moon cycle.

Every relationship holds some type of learning potential if you are open and willing to become aware of, experience, and assimilate it. During this moon cycle, these learning potentials within your relationships will be heightened and brought forth in the most creative and interesting ways. Curiosity and inquiry will be most important during this moon cycle with discovering the learning potentials within all your interactions and relationships. Imagine your Self as a detective, trying to uncover the underlying emotional lessons that are most pertinent to you at this time. The more you become aware of your feelings, the more Venus will teach you!

New MeWe&Us Moon Cycle Podcast! Conversations with Roland…

Join Roland and myself for a half hour discussion as we dive into this moon cycle’s dynamics: Venus’s Compassion. What can you expect during this moon cycle? What is Venus’s Compassion? What chakra are you working with during this moon cycle?

We will be posting a new podcast every New and Full Moon that will keep you up to date with the dynamics of each moon cycle. Thank you Roland for this awesome new adventure! 

Here’s the link to the Venus’s Compassion New Moon podcast

Love and Light,