Happy New Moon! You are starting the creative half of a new moon cycle. The Earth, Moon, and Sun are in alignment with each other and are also in alignment with an aspect of celestial space. New qualities and characteristics of growth will be unfolding within this moon cycle. New seeds, as impressions and potentials, are being planted in your consciousness and are germinating. Can you feel the new power within you? Can you feel the potential for your new growth? The alignment of the Earth, Moon, and Sun during the New Moon hides the Moon’s illumination from you, bringing forth your subconscious. This period of darkness allows you to absorb the subconscious seeds being passed from the Sun to the Moon and successfully plant them in your consciousness.

Neptune and Jupiter pair up for the third moon cycle of this Winter season. Peace is the virtue and will be the underlying dynamic throughout the learning potentials and associated experiences. This is a transitional moon cycle that encompasses the Spring Equinox and takes us into the Spring Season of moon cycles. What a great respite from this last moon cycle of Uranus and the chaotic energy of breaking apart the structures of your reality!

In this moon cycle Neptune will be working with the opened aspects of your reality, and stabilizing and rooting the learning potentials from the first moon cycle within your Consciousness. Imagine a seed underground with the shell cracked open in various spots. The internal aspects of the seed become active and expand downward as roots and upward as a sprout about ready to break through the soil. Neptune is the shoots that become roots, and Jupiter is the upward expansion of the sprout breaking through the soil.