Today is the Full Moon! The Sun is fully illuminating the Moon in all its glory, and you and your consciousness are also fully illuminated. Have you experienced a new Self-realization? Are you experiencing your Self in a new way? The seeds of potential planted at the New Moon have fully developed into buds and are opening in all their splendor!

The Full Moon is a time for a greater awareness of your Self-expression. You are open and able to peek into the center of your amazing flower and know a deeper aspect of your Self. Embrace your essence and let your radiance shine forth for all to see!

#2 Moon Cycle – Theme – Uranus & Saturn’s Joy
Uranus and Saturn’s Joy takes the potentials that were defined in the last moon cycle, Saturn’s Humility, and actively and creatively initiates those potentials into manifestation. Saturn’s Humility, last moon cycle, defined the potentials within the “seed” of your consciousness, and this moon cycle, Uranus and Saturn’s Joy, is the initiating creative force that activates the seed to break apart which begin to sprout into concepts and ideas.

This moon cycle is all about actively breaking apart structures within your consciousness to allow for new grow. This may be practically experienced in various ways within your reality as: disrupting established patterns, removing or adding new relationships, changing your well-being that forces you to move in a new direction, etc. Whatever form Uranus’s energy takes will be most influential in activating your growth for this year.

Have you experienced Uranus’s energy in the last two weeks? Have you had some surprising things happen to you or those around you that force you to change in some way?

No worries! In the second half of this moon cycle, Saturn will be stepping in to refine those radical experiences into a productive form. You will see new and improved things start to come forth which will serve you better. This may require some patience and an open mind. Change is not always easy but is always instrumental with growth and expanding your understanding of your Self.

Enjoy your new Self-expression!

Love and Light,