Happy Full Moon! The Sun is fully illuminating the Moon in all its glory, and you and your consciousness are also fully illuminated. Have you experienced a new Self-realization? Are you experiencing your Self in a new way? The seeds of potential planted at the New Moon have fully developed into buds and are opening in all their splendor!

The Full Moon is a time for a greater awareness of your Self-expression. You are open and able to peek into the center of your amazing existential flower and experience and know a deeper aspect of your Self. Embrace your inner essence and let your radiance shine forth for all to see!

Saturn’s Humility… this moon cycle’s theme is fully illuminated today. As you peak within and experience your illumination which is the existential aspect of your Self, Saturn is present to assist you with the learning potentials of your new Self-expression. What are you learning about your Self during this Full Moon position and those beautiful things opening up within you? Take a moment and embrace the humility to open your Self up to these new beautiful experiences.

Here’s a link to the latest podcast about…
MeWe&Us and How the Moon Cycles Influence our Experiences

With great pleasure… I would like to introduce Roland Achenjang!
On his website, you will find an interesting collection of podcast interviews, “Conversations with Roland
along with his book “Who and Why You Are“, meditation classes, and much more… https://www.rolandachenjang.com
I met Roland through a mutual friend a while ago and we have been having the most interesting conversations ever since. Listen to the podcast and see what I mean!