Did you know your personal growth throughout the year is synched with the qualities and characteristics of each moon cycle? Each year begins with the moon cycle of Saturn’s Humility… which just started. Saturn is the planetary influence and Humility is the virtue that is unfolding within us.

This Moon Cycle Theme: In this moon cycle, we are learning the humility of Saturn’s discipline through our challenging life experiences.

Saturn is the educational aspect of Human Consciousness. What are we supposed to learn? Expand your Knowledge! We are engaged in Human Consciousness to learn through experience. During this first moon cycle, Saturn is going to be assisting us with defining the learning potentials for this next year of growth. How do we take our new vision and dream from last year and plant it in the conscious activity of our reality? How do we nurture it throughout this year with each moon cycle?

How is humility involved in this 1st moon cycle? To learn requires the humility that you may not know everything and that there is always room for improvement. Humanness is an educational experience. We are here to learn about our Selves. The curriculum is always in play and is bringing to us the next scenario and potential learning opportunity of events and relationships, which moves us forward with the expansion of knowing our Selves in a new way.

More about Moon Cycles and a Year…

The solstices and equinoxes divide each year into four seasons with 3 New Moons in each season.

Similarly, each moon cycle is divided into four quarters by the four moon positions: New, 1st Quarter, Full, and 3rd Quarter. Moon weeks are the days in between each major Moon position. A year begins with the winter solstice and a moon cycle begins with the moon at the New Moon position.