That seems to be a question I revisit quite often. Why? Why is it that I am always pondering “who” I am? I have come to understand that I do this because I am always experiencing a new Self-expression of myself over time. Just when I feel as though I get a grasp on understanding my Self, things happen, I change, I grow, and I repeat a pattern of assimilating a new understanding of my Self.

I also have come to understand there is an amazing structure to my growth and the changes going on within me. My growth follows the same pattern and cycle of the growth of a plant, (even though I don’t look much like a plant). This structure of growth is universal and applies to all living things.

To understand this structure, it’s easiest if we look at the growth cycle of a plant, which involves eight phases: seed, sprout, growth, buds, flower, fruit, expire, and decomposing back into the soil. When the plant decomposes back into the soil, it fertilizes the soil and contributes to the germination of the new seeds ready to begin the cycle.

This universal, cyclical structure of growth is known as regeneration. Nature has a beautiful continuous process of propagating and continually renewing itself. As it does this, each cycle uses the growth from the previous cycle as the foundation for the next cycle. It is continually building upon itself.

We experience the structure and process of the regeneration cycle as a physical expression, as our body grows, matures, and we experience the transition of death. But! We are also continually experiencing the structure and process of regeneration on an abstract level of our Consciousness.

Who am I? is the thought and inquisitiveness that surfaces within our mind, our Consciousness, when we are not fully aware of the regeneration going on within us, and we are subconsciously assimilating a new understanding of our Self. When we are aware and conscious of the natural regeneration of our consciousness, we are able to embrace the new understanding of our Self, our new Self-expression, on a regular basis and more easily align with it.

The more I embrace the processes of regeneration going on within me, “Who am I” becomes less and less of a question for me. I understand I am continually changing the idea and understanding of my Self. Being aware, constantly expanding my understanding of myself Self, and embracing my regeneration and growth becomes more and more a natural way of being.

*** Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Love and Light, Wendy