One of greatest gifts of understanding the celestial dynamics of growth is the expanded perspective it gives us on our practical experiences. When we look at last year and our experiences with Covid, we can see how those radical new circumstances and changes have established a new understanding of our Self on both an individual and collective level. We have a new Self-expression that we will use this year as the foundation for our growth.

Was the Self-expression from last year an easy experience? Heck no! So many things changed on a collective level that forced us to slow down, be more self-focused, release relationships, activities, and many behavioral patterns. You are not the same person you were before Covid and that is a good thing. You have grown and become more dimensional.

How will last year’s Self-expression affect this year’s Self-expression? We will build upon our new expanded awareness and newly established gratitude for those people and things we had to release. This year we will understand more fully how the dynamics of Covid are actually evolving our Selves and Consciousness in a purposeful way.

Change is a beautiful aspect of this human experience. Change initiates learning and growth. This year’s Self-expression is sure to be very adventuresome, interesting and enlightening! Embrace it!