Today is the first day of the celestial New Year! We begin the Creative half of the year where the days begin to gradually increase in daylight. We are being illuminated. Yahoo! I have been looking forward to this transition. It has a wonderful feel of new potential to it. Anything is possible! Who knows what this next year’s potentials are and how they will unfold.
The new growth for this year begins today and will unfold throughout the seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. What do I mean by new growth?
Not only does the physical aspect of our Self grow, mature, change, and age throughout our life, we are also constantly learning about our Self: Who we are, Why we are here, and What our purpose is for this lifetime. We are consciously learning, our Consciousness is expanding, about our Self.

The winter and summer solstice divide the year into two halves. During the Creative first half of the year, new potentials are released within our Consciousness. We become inquisitive about our Self and explore these new potentials through new activities and interactions. By the time of the Summer solstice, we have discovered a new way of experiencing, knowing, and understanding our Self which is a new “Self-expression”. Winter and Spring are the two seasons that bring forth our new Self-expression.
The Receptive second half of the year begins after the Summer solstice where our new Self-expression is integrated into our Consciousness. We assimilate and integrate everything we have learned about our Self during the first half of the year, into our mind as belief. Summer and Fall are the seasons that assimilate and integrate our new Self-expression.
Very simply, during this next celestial year, we develop a new Self-expression, and assimilate and integrate it as who and what we are. Very exciting!
The process of growth and expansion of your Consciousness is not readily apparent as the year unfolds, unless… you bring your awareness to it. When you are actively conscious of the cycles of time and what is happening within you, your growth accelerates, you feel the purpose within your activities and interactions, and the year seems like an adventure of Self-discovery unfolding before you.
Let the adventure begin!
Love and Light, Wendy