It’s the last day of this celestial year and tomorrow we start anew! What exactly does that mean?
As the Earth orbits the Sun, we experience an increase and decrease in daylight due to the 23 degree tilt of the Earth’s axis. At the winter solstice, the northern hemisphere is slightly tilted away from the Sun. We experience the Sun as being lower in the sky and there is less hours of sunlight during the day. At the summer solstice, the northern hemisphere is slightly tilted toward the Sun. We experience the Sun as being higher in the sky and there is more hours of sunlight during the day.
The winter and summer solstices mark very important points of our personal growth during the year. The winter solstice is the least hours of light in a day, and the summer solstice is the most hours of light in a day. Light from the Sun illuminates us. When we experience less illumination, our subconscious is more active. When there is more illumination, our conscious awareness is more active. The activity of our subconscious in relation to our conscious awareness is what promotes personal growth.
During the winter solstice, our subconscious is more active and it is the time when a new potential is released within our consciousness. As the illumination from the Sun increases during the next six months, the new potential will expand and grow. At the Summer solstice, the new potential will be fully illuminated and we will experience our Self in a new way as a new Self-expression.

The six months of gradual increase in illumination is the Creative half of the year; we grow and expand in new ways. The second half of the year, Summer to Winter Solstice, is the Receptive half of the year; we assimilate our growth back into our Consciousness. I like to imagine each half of the year as Consciousness taking a breath. The first half of the celestial year is the “in breath”, and the second half is the “out breath”. The Winter and Summer solstices are the pauses in between.
As the Winter Solstice approaches, we may become more inwardly focused and feel less inclined to socialize. Our subconscious is winding down the assimilation process of the Receptive half of the year, and preparing for the more active, Creative half of the year. The Winter solstice is an exciting point of new potential.
As you wake up tomorrow, hold in mind that you are starting anew! You are starting a new adventure of growth! What new way will you experience your Self this year?
During this next celestial year, I will be doing a series of blogs that will walk you through the celestial dynamics of the year. The moon cycles, moon weeks, and even the hours of each day are all contributing to our personal growth throughout the year; trying to expand our awareness of our Self.
Happy Winter Solstice!
Love and Light,Wendy