SATURN: The Soul’s Perspective

Higher Planetary Influence: Saturn – Initiations

Key Words: ambition, discipline, climb, the inner mountain, hierarchical structures, initiations, higher point of consciousness, pivoting

Key Phrase: Spiritual initiation, and the will to achieve on behalf of the soul’s purpose.

The Soul’s perspective of Saturn’s Humility takes a slightly different perspective on discipline and contraction. It is very much about the discipline it takes to climb the inner mountain of consciousness and reach a very high point where you are merging with all, and lost in the divine and living the light of Consciousness. There is an amazing beauty and exquisiteness to all experiences in that lost state of Oneness. However, Saturn’s Humility also represents the practical mystic that recognizes the service for the betterment of humanity. It is the capacity to reach for the stars and keep your feet on the ground. You can reach and hold the stars and also practically serve humanity.

There is a pause that happens with Saturn’s Humility. Once you come close to the top of the mountain, you hit a plateau where you recollect on what it took to get that far and also what it takes to continue. You are very close to the top but the climb is steep. You must drop all excess baggage to continue and free yourself from any bindings that will hinder you the rest of the way.

The plateau is the point where the goat sets the intention to become the unicorn, and where the two horns become one as you progress on the last section of the climb. The unicorn symbolizes Christ consciousness where the personality that is climbing the mountain of ambition merges with the Soul that is climbing the mountain of Consciousness.


The ninth dimension is the black hole in the center of the galaxy from which all things within the galaxy revolve and orbit. The tenth through twelfth dimensions are beyond the galactic realm and are the foundational aspects of Consciousness that sustain and maintain the galactic realms.

The 9th dimension is the dimension of Souls which are expressions or fractals of the higher aspect of Conciousness, Oversouls.

Oversouls are the foundational aspect of Purpose within the curriculum of Higher Consciousness learning about Itself. On the Identity Map, your Life Objective is the Oversoul lineage that you express.

Truly understanding the depth of the 10th dimension requires a broader perspective of the relationship of the 10th, 11th, 12th dimensions. The 10th, 11th, and 12th dimensions are symbolized as the numbers 3, 2, and 1, which correlate to sound, light, and pure potential: 3-sound, 2-light, 1-pure potential. Sound, Light, and Potential are the foundational aspects of Consciousness and can be found in all expressions of Consciousness. The 10th dimension of Sound is associated with this first moon cycle of Saturn’s Humility.

Sound is Vibration and is established by the integrated harmony of three elements that may be infinitely expressed in various forms: Relationship as Higher Consciousness, Others, Self, Identity as Speaker, Master Builder, and Individual, Color as Blue, Red, and Yellow, Virtues as Peace, Joy, and Love, Expressions as Knowledge, Creativity, and Discovery, etc.


Saturn’s Humility Moon Cycle Dynamics

The sacred geometry underlying this moon cycle is creative, line, and fire as its element. This moon cycle is associated with unfolding the Physical aspect of the Self.

Soul Star Chakra Dynamics

The sacred geometry underlying the Soul Star chakra is Creative, Spiral, and Fire as its element. This chakra is associated with unfolding the emotional aspect of the Self.

Personal Dynamic – Focus

To study the sacred geometry of your Focus dynamic, locate the “Reality” section of the Identity Map. Find the shaded square in the Focus column. The dynamic term in the shaded square of that column is your Focus.

The dynamics of your Personality-Spirit is illustrated in the inner circles of the diagram.

Soul Star Chakra

Humanness is a educational perceptual experience for a Soul. A Soul fractals into expressions and each expression represents an aspect of the Soul’s curriculum of understanding Itself. We, as individuals, are an expression of a Soul, and the events and relationships in our life are the educational exercises which constantly teach us about our Self, and the Soul more about Itself.

Our perceptual experience of humanness and physical form is created by interconnected, nested energetic shapes: Octahedron, Star-tetrahedron, Isoca-dodecahedron, and a Torus. Each sacred geometry shape plays a particular part in simultaneously interconnecting us to the dynamics of Higher Consciousness, and establishing a convincible perceptual learning reality .

The Soul Star chakra, which is the chakra associated with this moon cycle, is the top point on the top half of the Octahedron. The Octahedron is the inner most sacred geometry shape surrounding and establishing our perceptual experience.

The Octahedron consists of two pyramids, one pointing upward and the other pointing downwards, creating a single point at the top and at the bottom, and coming together on the square side. Both pyramids are divided into four equally shaped sections. The four sections of the top pyramid represent the four elements: earth, fire, water, and air. The four sections of the bottom pyramid represent the four aspects of the Self: physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental. The center point of where the four sections of the top pyramid come together in the center of the square, is the fifth element, ether. The center point of where the four sections of the bottom pyramid come together in the center of the square is the fifth aspect of the Self, existential.

The four elements are the creative aspects of Higher Consciousness coming together with the four aspects of individuality. Ether and the existential aspect of the Self are one in the same, and also the zero point of interface between the creative aspects of Higher Consciousness and the perceptual experience of individuality and humanness.

10th Dimension Sacred Geometry

The sacred geometry associated with the 10th dimension is the top half of the Octahedron and specifically the top point of the top pyramid where the four sections representing the four elements come together. It is the portal that interconnects the Oversoul with the Soul, the Above.

“As Above, so Below” is a well known spiritual phrase. The top point (Soul Star Chakra) of top pyramid in the Octahedron is associated with the “Above” in the phrase, and the bottom point (Earth Star Chakra) of the bottom pyramid of the Octahedron is the “Below.”


The Third Quarter

The third quarter phase represents the integration of creative meaning into individual and collective consciousness. The illuminated vibration/tone at the full moon has flowered which provided the opportunity to disseminate its seeds to others. At the point of the 3rd quarter, the energy of the original vibration/tone eventually exhausts itself, diminishes, and begins to disintegrate. The new power of creative meaning and a consciously willed purpose comes forward, grows, and expands.

This is experienced as re-polarization which involves consciousness and formulation. The fulfillment, illumination, and/or revelation experienced at the full moon has the potential to be incorporated into the individuals mental construct through the integration of the associated creative meaning. The creative meaning restructures the individuals mental structure which opens the individual to a new experience of the existential aspect of their Self; their True/Higher Self. They have slightly changed their perspective and understanding of their Self and identity as immortal energy/vibration rather than temporal form.

3rd Quarter to New Moon

As the individuals mental construct is restructured, there is a period of re-orientation. The incorporated creative meaning must be assimilated and integrated which is reflected outwardly in the individuals events and relationships. The beliefs affected by the newly integrated creative meaning are either released or “seen” in a new light/perspective and tweaked to harmonize with the restructuring. There may be moments of feeling as though the body no longer fits or is slightly uncomfortable. As the individual

gradually becomes acquainted with their “newness”, there is no longer a need for the original vibration/tone that has ultimately fulfilled its purpose. The exhausted power of the original vibration/tone no longer sustains the plant, and it slowly disintegrates back into the soil from which it started.


The fundamental dynamics of Consciousness is growth and expansion through experience. The vibration/tone of the New Moon provides the potential experiences that ultimately restructures our consciousness through new creative meaning. This is the powerful cycle of regeneration that we are constantly experiencing every moon cycle. All of the events and relationships we experience throughout each moon cycle contribute to the restructuring of our mental construct and the gradual alignment to our True/Higher Self.


Moon Cycle #2: Uranus & Saturn’s Joy (coming soon!)

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