This Moon Cycle’s Theme

In this moon cycle, we are learning the humility of Saturn’s discipline through our challenging life experiences.

If we are to learn and grow, we need to get out of our “box”. Jupiter provided the means last moon cycle through imagination and vision for us to dream a new dream. To allow us to envision our Selves beyond the limitations of our established beliefs of physicalness. If we used Jupiter’s influence effectively, we broke apart our box and have a new understanding and experience of our Self that transcends our physical aspect, and brings us closer to the existential Truth of who and what we are.

Your vision and new dream are going to be given stability and substance with Saturn’s influence of discipline and contraction during this moon cycle. Jupiter is the Creative impulse and Saturn is the Receptive impulse. Saturn will bring your vision and dream into a productive, useful form that will emerge as a seed within your subconscious. This seed will take root in the practical realm in new forms.

This first moon cycle of the year will be the embodiment of Jupiter’s Beauty. Beauty is the experience of the expression of Spirit coming forth and resonating Truth. From our experiences of Beauty, we gain a new understanding of our Self as an expression of Spirit and Truth. We see the Beauty within our Self. This is our new vision and dream.

SATURN: Dynamics

Saturn is the educational aspect of Human Consciousness. What are we supposed to learn? Expand your Knowledge! We are engaged in Human Consciousness to learn through experience. During this first moon cycle, Saturn is going to be assisting us with defining the learning potentials for this next year of growth. How do we take our new vision and dream and plant it in the conscious activity of our reality? How do we nurture it throughout this year with each moon cycle?

January is known as the month of resolutions. Traditionally, in January, we have an urge to change something within our established lifestyle, to refresh it, and improve our Self in some way.

These urges are Saturn’s Humility at work. The learning potentials within the new seed of your subconscious come through as a desire to make new year resolutions. They are foreshadowing of your growth yet to come throughout the year.

During this moon cycle, Saturn will be defining the curriculum of this year of your growth. Where are you sitting in Saturn’s classroom? In the front row, ready for what will presented to you? Or, have you

taken a back row seat, looking out the window and not listening? Consider moving to the front row and actively participate in what Saturn has in store for you this year. It is your choice whether it is a wonderous adventure or otherwise.


How is humility involved in this 1st moon cycle? To learn requires the humility that you may not know everything and that there is always room for improvement. Humanness is an educational experience. We are here to learn about our Selves. The curriculum is always in play and is bringing to us the next scenario and potential learning opportunity of events and relationships, which moves us forward with the expansion of knowing our Selves in a new way.

To successfully plant your new seed of growth that will gradually unfold over the course of the next twelve moon cycles, requires openness and respect for the natural, continual processes of expansion, of which we are an integral part. Consciousness is always expanding and building upon Itself. We are an expression of Consciousness and throughout a year we experience the natural process of the expansion of our Consciousness.

A more dimensional definition of Humility incorporates the understanding of the continual expansion of Consciousness. Humility is the *awareness* that we are all an expression of Consciousness, and the *allowance* of Higher Consciousness to flow through us uninhibited. When we are truly humble, we are allowing Higher Consciousness to be integrated with us, and for us to be guided and directed in all of our endeavors.


During this moon cycle, the more open and respectful you are with planting a new seed within your subconscious, the more potential growth you will experience during the year. Accept the new directions you are shown and urges that may be coming through during this moon cycle. Give them space to take hold and root within the practical expression of your lifestyle and reality.


The New Moon

The need of the earth and its creatures summons forth from the heart of the sun (Spirit) a new impulse (tone) or vibration at the time of the new moon, which can be assimilated and used through the concrete structures and organs (form) that the moon builds through its movements of illumination. The sun expresses a solar purpose that would mean little without the ways and means of the moon to make the purpose actual. The phases of the moon are a method and instruments that integrate the spiritual impulse (tone) into usable forms that expand the consciousness of the earth/Gaia and its creatures.

The phases of the moon are the result of the relationship between the sun and the moon; the solar-lunar relationship. We can divide the lunation cycle into four basic periods: new moon, first quarter, full moon, third quarter.

New Moon to 1st Quarter

This is a period of instinctive, youthful, essentially unconscious and irrepressible activity. Consciousness is subjective where it is a challenge to distinguish accurately between inner wishes, dreams and feelings, and the actual realities of the external world. Impulsiveness and spontaneity are characteristic of this period. The negative expression may be a confusion of values and lack of rhythmic balance in releasing the tidal flow of the energy from the sun which we experience as vitality – physiological and psychological.

As the moon reaches the “semi-quarter” phase, the momentum of the will of the “seed” to expand is stronger but the resistance of the outer world against it increases even more sharply; it is checked by other activities. The process of transformation begins and from then on objective awareness develops in earnest. The “new” meets the “old” on the basis of a struggle or clash of wills. Emotions, complexes, and physiological deviations develop, and individualization begins.


This first quarter phase symbolizes a crisis in relationship; an actual crisis which involves, both, the repudiation (release) of what does not harmonize with the growing life (outer shell of the seed), and the deliberate building of new structures and faculties (sprouting and new roots) which will make it possible for the coming full moon illumination to be held and assimilated.


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