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I am the Focus aspect of your Reality and my job is to provide you with life exercises that promote personal growth.

Aspect of Consciousness: Education

Aspect of Self (Unfolding): Emotional and Mental

Meaning: Through experience, patience, persistence, and self-discipline we learn the purpose of life is not pleasure but to gain experience, patience, humility, wisdom, and compassion. Skepticism, fear, suppression, materialism, and self-preservation is transmuted into confidence, dependability, reverence, wisdom, and compassion. Through disintegration, old, worn out, useless and crystallized forms are destroyed so better, more beautiful, useful and adaptable forms may replace them. Saturn teaches the qualities of stillness and silence: retrospection, meditation, concentration, looking within for guidance, and the willingness to wait.

Archetype: Visionary

Dynamics: Evolution

Identity Map: Focus

Element: Air

Nature: Receptive

Cycle: 29.5 years – revolves/orbits the sun (Complex rotation of different aspects)

Positioning: 6th Planet – located beyond the asteroid field and past Jupiter

Visibility: Visible to the naked eye after sunset in the southern area of the night sky. It looks fairy bright but is dimmer compared to Jupiter.

Size: Second largest planet in solar system (Jupiter largest); radius that is nine times that of EarthType: lacks a well-defined solid surface

Physical Appearance: Saturn lacks a definite surface and is an olbate spheriod; flattened at the poles and bulges at the equator. It has a yellow hue due to ammonia crystals in its upper atmosphere and exhibits a banded pattern on its surface. It has a prominent ring system composed mostly of ice particles, with a smaller amount of rocky debris and dust. Eighty two moons orbit Saturn and hundreds of moonlets in its rings. Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, is larger that the planet Mercury and is the only moon in the solar system with its own atmosphere.

Dynamics: Limitation (focalizes or concentrates energy), conservation, shows weaknesses and lacks in character so they may be changed into strengths, gathers the fruit of every experience and builds it into soul power, destroy the old out worn forms in order to build a better structure on a higher level, bridge between the animal self and the real Self (Spirit)

Qualities: Experience, patience, humility, wisdom, compassion, confidence dependability, reverence, austerity, service, hardwork

Characteristics: Patience, perseverance, servant, elderly, the poor, the renunciate, the yogi, humility, service, discipline, austerities, regular spiritual practice, limitations, contractions, loss and death, ability to transcend, detachment, commitment

Personal Expression: Time, safety urges, discipline, principles of contraction and crystallization, organization, ambition, limitation and delay, old age, wisdom gained through experience, self-preservation



You have a dynamic relationship with all the planets which ranges from more intense to neutral, and is determined by your birth date.

Each column on your Identity Map corresponds with a particular planet. The location of your personal dynamic in a column, the shaded square in a column, determines your relationship with the planet associated with that column. If the shaded square happens to have a notation, “C/e”, “C”, “O”, the quality of that notation reflects your relationship with that planet. If the shaded square has no notation, then your relationship with that planet is neutral. The notations in the squares of each column are consistent with every Identity Map.

The Focus column on the Identity Map corresponds to the planet Saturn, which is the planetary influence for this moon cycle. (Refer to the Identity Map diagram on page 9)

In the Focus column on your Identity Map, locate the shaded square. There may be a notation, “C/e”, “C”, “O”, or a lack of notation. The notation determines your relationship with Saturn, or if there is a lack of a notation, your relationship with Saturn is neutral.

A “C/e” means that your relationship with Saturn is very intense. You may feel your relationship with Saturn more prominently on a very personal level as an inner sensation and guidance all the time.

A “C” means that your relationship with Saturn is more intense. You may feel your relationship with Saturn more prominently on a daily level.

A “O” means that your relationship with Saturn is weak. It takes more attention and focus to feel and understand Saturn’s role, qualities, and characteristics. You will need to bring your awareness to how Saturn influences your experiences.

A “neutral” square that has no notation which means that your relationship with Saturn serves you in a very competent capacity. It is neither highly heightened nor is it understated, just normal in intensity.


Your relationship with a planet may also be “expanded” which is noted as an “E” in the upper right corner of a shaded square. Expansion is very subjective to your birth date and not consistent with all Identity Maps. Check your identity Map to see if your relationship with Saturn has expanded dynamics. Is there an “E” in the upper right corner of the shade square of the Focus column? If so, your relationship with Saturn is expanded.

A dynamic that is expanded means that you experience that aspect of your Consciousness in a more dimensional way. You understand and experience it from multiple perspectives and points of reference.


To assist you in understanding your relationship with all the planets, and especially with this moon cycle’s planetary influence(s), MeWe&Us has created a program that diagrams your planetary relationships as a playground which is organized according to your relationship with each planet as: Best Friends, Good Friends, Shy Friends, or a Classmates.

If you remember the playground scenario when you were in junior high, you had a variety of friends within your class. Some of those friends you may have hung out with all the time and others were just classmates. This is very similar to how you relate to and interface with the planets.

Understanding which planets are always influencing you and how they influence you, gives you an insight into many of your experiences and why you tend to be attracted to, or respond to things in a certain way, compared to others.

Generate your Planetary Playground on the MeWe&Us website and learn about your Best, Good, and Shy friends, and what type of friend the planetary influence of this moon cycle is for you.

Friend Descriptions

A Best Friend is a “C/e” notation in a shaded square on your Identity Map.

As a friend, this planet is someone you feel is a soul mate and would hang out with you on the playground every day. You feel that you communicate without words and inherently know each other’s thoughts.A Good Friend is a “C” notation in a shaded square on your Identity Map.

As a friend, this planet is someone you feel a deeper connection with and immediately desire to hang out with them on the playground.A Shy Friend is a “O” notation in a shaded square on your Identity Map.

As a friend, this planet is someone you do not connect with immediately and it will take some time to understand who they are and where they are coming from. It is someone that intrigues you but they may rub you the wrong way when interacting with them. Not someone you readily hang with on the playground and will require more of your attention and effort to develop a relationship with them.

A Classmate is no notation in a shaded square.

As a friend, this planet is someone that is a natural part of your everyday experiences. They are part of the class and you interface with them on the playground in a comfortable way.An Expanded Friend is a “E” notation in the upper right corner of a shaded square on your Identity Map.

As a friend, this planet is someone who inspires you to step out of your box and understand and see things from a deeper, more profound perspective. They may be a best, good, or shy friend, or just a classmate; it doesn’t matter. Their presence, qualities, and characteristics are always influencing the way you understand things, how and what decisions you make. They nudge you to look at things from many perspectives and take into consideration all aspects.


The Full Moon

During the first half of the moon cycle, if the soil has been sufficiently turned over to accept and incorporate the seed, the full moon brings some sort of fulfillment, illumination, and/or revelation. The “turning over of the soil” represents a positive attitude of growth and release of former mental constructs, which prepares and opens the mind for the new mental constructs associated with the vibration/tone released at the new moon. The new solar image received from the creative spirit, the sun, is received in clear objective consciousness; fully perceived and intellectualized.

If the soil has not been sufficiently turned over and the seed is laying on top of the soil and not incorporated, the full moon may be experienced as a deep seated disturbance between the mind (soil) and spirit (seed). The illusion that the soil and seed have crystallized into two opposite orders or ways of life is established, and instead of an new fully illumined and wholly integrated mental construct there is now separateness between the mind and spirit. The Self does not see or experience the relatedness of the mind (moon) and spirit (sun) and considers them as two separate conflicting entities.

When the seed is incorporated into the soil (the new mental construct into the mental structure), the Self is illumined with creative meaning. When the seed sits on top of the soil, the creative meaning of the cycle is not integrated or comprehended. The determining factor of whether the new creative meaning of the cycle is incorporating and comprehended is “the positive attitude of growth and the release (liberation) of former mental constructs”. The creative meaning is a potential held within each moon cycle that expands and evolves the consciousness of the Self. The vibrational influence of each cycle characterizes the creative meaning of the cycle and the fulfillment, illumination, and/or revelation.

Full Moon to Third Quarter

The first quarter is a critical stage that influences tThe new and full moons constitute beginnings; the new moon the first half and the full moon the second half of the cycle. In the second half of the cycle, human and conscious values are the theme where the formulation and sharing of meaning with others is important in building new forms of the future. The goal is the dissemination of the idea conceived (at the full moon) from the image beheld (at the new moon). Through the second half of the cycle, it is the responsibility of the individual to make this new illumined mental construct his own by incorporating the “meaning” of the idea and image into the fabric of society and civilization.

As the original vibration/tone becomes fainter as the second half of the cycle progresses, the power of creative meaning and willful purpose appears. The power of the well formulated and assimilated vision spreads throughout the individual’s social and spiritual group.


The two halves of the lunation cycle represent two types of power; the power of instinct and the power of creative consciousness. Through these two types of power, we are continually in a process of expanding and evolving our awareness of our Self existentially. The fulfillment, illumination, and revelations experienced at the full moon are the Soul’s gradual steps of self-realization. We are the instrument within the dynamics of the moon cycle through which the Soul is continually expanding its awareness about itself.


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