CHAKRA: Soul Star

Color: White

Key Qualities and Characteristics: The Soul Star is an energetic point that is the Soul aspect of our Self which is also referred to our Higher or True Self. The Soul is an aspect of Higher Consciousness that is engaging in the curriculum of human consciousness and fractals into expressions, which are perceptually experienced by the Soul as physical form, a body, within the physical world.

Flowing Connection: Awareness of the collective aspect of the Soul and you as an expression of the Soul’s curriculum, intention of fulfilling your highest potential, knowing and practically applying your knowledge and awareness of your purpose, feeling a part of something much larger, experiencing the connection with the Higher Self

Obstructed Connection: Lack of life focus and direction, mental confusion with understanding the Self and purpose of experiencing humanness, feeling unfulfulled, lost, and alone.

The Soul Star is an existential chakra that is located above the Crown chakra and has no physical relativity to the body. It is the top point on the Octahedron sacred geometry shape that surrounds the perceptual experience of the body. The traditional seven chakras establish and create the sensual aspects of the experience of humanness, and the sacred geometry shapes that surround the perceptual experience inform or provide the directives for the experience.

We, as an individuals, are an expression of the Soul’s curriculum and represent an aspect of what the Soul is learning. When we expand our awareness to incorporate the Soul Star chakra energetic point of awareness, we experience the vibrational qualities of the infinite loops that are integral with the Octahedron’s dynamics. These infinite loops integrate the earthly elements (fire, earth, water, and air), with four basic aspects of the Self (physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental). At the level of awareness of the Soul Star, we are informed by and have a direct relationship with our Higher True Self, which allows us to know and understand the learning objectives of this lifetime.

Saturn is the educational aspect of your Consciousness and plays a significant role in interfacing what the Soul desires to learn through your expression and how that is manifested within your reality. The Soul Star and Saturn work together to bring those learning potentials into your everyday lifestyle through your events and relationships. Humility, defined a the acceptance and allowance of the flow of Higher Consciousness through you, is a prerequisite for these learning potentials to become instrumental in your life. When the ego is dominant and orchestrates the events and relationships within your life based on personal gratification and enhancement, the Soul’s curriculum takes a second seat. The expanded awareness of the Soul Star chakra and its significance on a much larger dimensional existential level, naturally imbues the aspects of true humility.


Creating Your Learning Playground

Focus is the personal dynamic that is the structure of your Reality. Your reality involves two aspects: structure and expression. Saturn, the structure of your reality, is the educational aspect of your Consciousness, and has the role of structuring your reality according to certain learning potentials that are defined by the aspect of the Soul’s curriculum you represent. The Sun, the expressional aspect of your reality, which is your Super Power, illuminates you with certain qualities and characteristics that provide the means for you to learn your learning potentials. Your Focus is “what you are learning and teaching during this lifetime”, and your Super Power is “how you do that”. Saturn and the Sun work together in establishing your reality as an educational playground of learning.

There are two ways to locate your personal dynamic of Focus: on your Identity Map and in your Human Bean Owner’s Guide. On your Identity Map, locate the middle section of Reality, and the column of Focus. In the column of Focus, locate the term in the shaded square. This term is the name of your focus.

The description of your focus may be found on page 15 of your Owner’s Guide under the heading “ the focus of your reality”, or in the list of Focus descriptions provided on the following page. To get an even deeper understanding of your Focus personal dynamic, locate the Adventure exercises in the back of your Daily Planet Workbook and answer the questions in the section of “Personal Dynamic”.

FOCUS Descriptions

Below, you’ll find the description for each potential Focus Dynamic.


Your experience of your reality is focused on learning and teaching Severance through your relationships and interactions. Severance is exercising loving detachment with others.

Virtue being developed: Peace


Your experience of your reality is focused on learning and teaching Responsibility through your ideas and values. Responsibility is accepting accountability for what you are experiencing.

Virtues being developed: Strength, Courage, and Gratitude


Your experience of your reality is focused on learning and teaching Power through your actions and behavior. Power is your Spirit; your inherent feelings and energetic influence.

Virtue being developed: Humility


Your experience of your reality is focused on learning and teaching Understanding through your relationships and interactions. Understanding is your comprehension of the meaning of your human experience.

Virtue being developed: Beauty


Your experience of your reality is focused on learning and teaching Desire through your ideas and values. Desire is strong feelings of wanting to have or do something.

Virtue being developed: Unity


Your experience of your reality is focused on learning and teaching Cooperation through your actions and behavior. Cooperation is working together.

Virtue being developed: Wisdom


Your experience of your reality is focused on learning and teaching Discernment through your relationships and interactions. Discernment is good judgement between love and fear.

Virtue being developed: Wisdom


Your experience of your reality is focused on learning and teaching Lovingness through your ideas and values. Lovingness is deep affection and care for your Self and others.

Virtue being developed: Trust


Your experience of your reality is focused on learning and teaching Empathy through your actions and behavior. Empathy is understanding and sharing the feelings of another.

Virtue being developed: Trust


Your experience of your reality is focused on learning and teaching Attitude through your relationships and interactions. Attitude is your personal perspective and viewpoint based on your beliefs.

Virtue being developed: Universal Compassion


Your experience of your reality is focused on learning and teaching Ownership through your ideas and values. Ownership is the possessiveness of things and others.

Virtue being developed: Compassion for others


Your experience of your reality is focused on learning and teaching Self-Awareness through your actions and behavior. Self-Awareness is your conscious knowledge of your own character, feelings, and desires.

Virtue being developed: Self-Compassion


The First Quarter

At the first quarter, half the moon is illuminated and half of it is in darkness. It is only at the first quarter and 3rd quarter that the illumination creates a straight line separating the moon equally into two parts. This is representative of the dynamics associated with the first and third quarters being a time of crisis between the old and the new; a duality.

Crisis in action is the dynamics of the first quarter. The focus is change and the gradual revelation, or assimilation of the image or concept of the seed of the cycle. For this to happen, there is a simultaneous need for releasing old structures so that the new structures associated with the image or concept are established. On a very practical level, this is experienced as a dissatisfaction with the Self and also a challenge to the Self. It is a time of making room by restructuring so that the new seed maybe solidly integrated.

If the release of the past is not definite, and the building of the structures is only half-hearted, the opportunity for growth and illumination offered by the cycle is not fully embraced and established. This may be experienced as mental hesitancy and a basic confusion of values which undermine the power to act or build.

First Quarter to Full Moon

The first quarter is a critical stage that influences the quality and effectiveness of the rest of the cycle. Fulfillment, illumination, and or revelation may be experienced at the full moon if a positive attitude of growth and of liberation from the remains of the past has prevailed during the second week of the moon cycle. The need requested by Earth/Gaia and the Moon at the new moon has been received from the sun, planted within the newly turned soil of the Earth, and firmly rooted for further growth in preparation for flowering.

If the first quarter phase is met with hesitation and a negative attitude, and the soil has not been fully turned over to accept the seed, the full moon may bring about conflict expressed as a mental dilemma where no integration seems possible. (The seed sits on top of the soil rather than being integrated into it.) The solar (the seed from the sun) and the lunar (the active placement of the seed by the moon into Earth/Gaia) have become two separate elements rather than being integrated together.

This leads to a clash in the mind between two orders: spirit and mind. Instead of experiencing the interconnectedness of spirit and mind coming together, there is an illusion of separateness which sets the mind against spirit and destroys the vital essence of relationship, relatedness. The mind only sees the sun and moon, spirit and mind as two unrelated factors instead of joint participants in a cycle of relationship. In this scenario, the solar power is ineffective, and the structures built by the lunar mind are spiritually lifeless. The creative meaning of humanness is impossible to experience as well as comprehend.

During the second week of the moon cycle, there is a deliberate type of struggle where we force our own issues for the sake of a goal that is gradually being clarified to us. Willful activity is at its peak and we seek to crush any obstacles in our path. If, however, our attempts are unsuccessful, we may inadvertently “use up” our available resources and experience inner frustration with our Self.


The openness, awareness, and conscious intention of a positive approach to the first quarter reinforces the relatedness of spirit and mind, and builds an inner power of forever relating lunar structures of consciousness with the solar power of spiritual will and purpose of the Higher Self.

How are you feeling during the first quarter of this moon cycle? Are you feeling positive and open to releasing the past that does not serve integrating the seed into the soil? Or do you feel a deeper dissatisfaction with your Self and that you are being challenged in some way? Are you resisting turning over the soil because it is uncomfortable in some way? Is your intention aligned with growth and illumination and what does that require of you at this time?


Moon Cycle #1: Full Moon Dynamics

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