CREATIVE IMPULSE: The First Half of the Year

Get ready for your creative juices to flow! The Winter Solstice on December 21st marks the beginning of the celestial new year and the Creative Impulse. During this first half of the year, you may feel more outwardly focused and consciously active.

New seeds germinate in these Winter months as new ideas and concepts come forth within your consciousness. In Spring, those seeds will develop and grow into buds that will fully bloom as you experience your Self in new ways.

This is a great time for creative thinking, starting new projects, initiating new patterns, and developing new routines. Let your Self fly free and explore all kinds of new activities and relationships!

WINTER: Discovery & Knowing

Welcome to the new year! Its another year of potential for your personal growth. What are you going to be learning about your Self this year? That is what the winter season is all about – experiencing potential new ideas, concepts, and impressions that are the seeds for your personal growth throughout the rest of the year.

In Nature, Winter is a dormant time when activity is happening below the surface in the soil. Same with your consciousness – during this time, your subconscious is working overtime planting new seeds, ideas, concepts, and impressions and germinating them. Because Winter is the start of the Creative Impulse, you may feel this subconscious activity of germination expressed as resolutions and new intentions.

Embrace the new power within you and begin this year with an open mind! Practice your awareness of new things being presented to you during the winter moon cycles – they are your seeds of personal growth.

Discovery (Self-Discovery)

The first quarter of every moon cycle is Discovery. At the beginning of every moon cycle you are exploring subconsciously the new potentials for growth for this moon cycle. Your growth you experienced in the last year of moon cycles is being assessed and redefined as learning potentials for this year of moon cycles. Your subconscious is germinating these newly defined learning potentials and bringing them into your conscious awareness as ideas, concepts, and impressions.


Knowing is spontaneous knowledge experienced as thoughts, ideas, and impressions, beyond deductive logic and reason.

The three moon cycles of Winter involve three aspects of knowing. In the first moon cycle of Winter, Saturn’s Humility, the experience of knowing is associated with new ideas, concepts, and impressions that are germinating as the seeds of your growth throughout the year. In the second moon cycle, Uranus & Saturn’s Joy, the experience of knowing is experienced as the creative and receptive impulses breaking apart worn out, no longer productive, behaviors or beliefs which allow your new ideas, concepts, and impressions to take hold in your conscious awareness. In the third moon cycle of Winter, Neptune & Jupiter’s Peace, knowing is experienced as ideas, concepts, and impressions that reflect the expansion of your purpose and the expectant birth of those into your Conscious activity. Your knowing expands beyond your limited awareness of humanness and brings to you a broader perspective of existence.


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