New Moon to 1st Quarter

Creative Mind

Your EMPOWERING Moon position is New Moon to 1st Quarter!

Creative Mind – Sharing your creative thoughts and ideas

You have an infinite stream of original thoughts and ideas that you strongly desire to share with others and the world. You are constantly “thinking,” “assimilating,” and “figuring out” how to share your creative thoughts and ideas. You have an amazing capacity to see the potential in everything. Conversely, you may get lost in contemplating how to transform or reconfigure things and others in more efficient and effective ways. This may lead to becoming absorbed in your creative thoughts and ideas and repressing or ignoring your internal feelings and emotions.

During the New Moon to 1st Quarter aspect of every moon cycle, your stream of creative thoughts and ideas may become heightened and even more powerful, and your means of sharing them with others and the world may be seamless and effortless. This is a time for you to be creative and expressive in your own unique way. Do not measure or compare your Self to others or the world around you. Your thoughts and ideas may not conform or “fit into” traditional deductive reasoning or logic. Walk your own walk and share with others unconditionally.

Your CHALLENGING Moon position is Full Moon to 3rd Quarter!

Receptive Heart – experiencing your feelings and emotions

Your challenge is to experience, acknowledge, and accept the way you feel internally about your life experiences, activities, and relationships, and to become aware of the way your feelings are emotionally expressed externally. Your feelings are your Truth and the guidance that you use in discernment and making decisions. As you become more aware of your deeper feelings and your expressions of emotions, you learn more about your Self and how feelings and emotions are an integral part of your human experience. You build a stronger sense of Self and self-esteem.

During the Full Moon to 3rd Quarter aspect of every moon cycle, your creative stream of thoughts and ideas may slow down and you may experience situations that bring forth strong feelings and emotions that may be unsettling to you. These situations are instrumental in moving you to acknowledge your feelings and emotions on deeper levels. Your thoughts and ideas may conflict with the way you feel, everything may seem internally confusing to you, and you may become frustrated and unhappy with others. Acknowledging your feelings and emotions and processing them appropriately may relieve you of your inner turmoil. This is your growth potential within each moon cycle.