Full Moon

Receptive and Creative Heart

Your EMPOWERING Moon position is the Full Moon!

Receptive and Creative Heart – Experiencing and sharing your feelings and emotions

You readily experience, acknowledge, and accept your feelings and emotions in a productive way which you use in understanding your Self and others, and you engage and connect with others in a very personal way by sharing your feelings.

Your feelings are your Truth and the guidance that you use in discernment and making decisions. Conversely, you may get lost in your own feelings and emotions and may not be able to reasonably assess situations and relationships accurately. This may lead to emotional breakdowns and losing sight of what really matters on a practical level.

Being vulnerable, open, and compassionate when sharing your feelings and when others share their feelings with you is a very dynamic way of relating to others, interfacing with and being in the world. Conversely, this may also lead to you getting externally lost in other’s issues and the myriad problems of the world, and make it difficult for you to experience the inner creative world of your own thoughts and ideas.

During the week before the Full Moon position, 1st Quarter to Full Moon, you may become empowered with the energy of engaging and connecting with others. Your heart may be flowing and open, sharing your feelings and receiving experiences of others sharing their feelings with you. Embrace your wonderful compacity to touch others on a very interpersonal level, and the way you deeply connect with others by opening each other’s hearts.

During the week after the Full Moon position, Full Moon to 3rd Quarter, your feelings and emotions may become heightened and you may effortlessly process them in understanding your Self and your life circumstances. This is a time to be more conscious of your feelings and emotions, and embrace them in ways that bring you even more feelings of fulfillment and a deeper understanding of your Self. Your feelings are your Truth, believe in them.

Your CHALLENGING Moon position is the New Moon!

Receptive and Creative Mind – Experiencing and sharing your thoughts and ideas

Your challenge is to slow down, bring your focus inward and experience your inner world of your own thoughts and ideas, and to share your creative thoughts and ideas with others and the world.

Your thoughts and ideas are ultimately expressions of what you believe about your Self, others, and the world. It is your Truth. As you become more aware of your inner world of your own thoughts and ideas, you learn more about your Self and who you are compared to others and the world. You build a stronger sense of Self and self-esteem.

You may “feel” your thoughts and ideas are not important, essential to share with others, or useful on a practical level. When you first take the necessary steps to share your creative thoughts and ideas with others and the world, you may experience a lack of confidence, distressing feelings, and a fear of people laughing at you and not taking you seriously. The more you become comfortable with sharing, the more you will build inner strength, confidence, and self-worth, developing a deeper understanding and a new perspective of your Self and the world.

The moon weeks before and after the New Moon position are your growth potential within each moon cycle.

During the week before the New Moon position, 3rd Quarter to New Moon, your connection with others and the world may be challenged and you may experience situations that nudge you to be more contemplative and inwardly focused. You may feel frustrated with the pull to slow down, and you may push externally to engage and make even more connections, only to find others do not respond, and your Self in situations of solitude. Surrender to what is being presented to you at this time by going inward and experiencing your own world of thoughts and ideas.

During the week after the New Moon position, New Moon to 1st Quarter, your creative stream of thoughts and ideas may increase and you may experience situations where you can easily express them in various ways. Because you are attuned to your feelings, the feelings you experience during this time of the moon cycle may conflict with your thoughts and ideas and the act of sharing them. The situations for sharing your thoughts and ideas are instrumental in establishing new confidence, balancing your feelings with your thoughts, and relieving your fears. Experiment with sharing your creative thoughts and ideas in your close relationships as a baby step that will eventually lead into more daring situations and opportunities.