3rd Quarter to New Moon

Receptive Mind

Your EMPOWERING Moon position is the 3rd Quarter to New Moon!

Receptive Mind – experiencing your thoughts and ideas

Your thoughts and ideas create an inner personal world that allows you to easily understand your Self and establish a strong sense of Self and self-esteem. However, you my not easily share, or feel the need to share, your thoughts and ideas with others. You may experience yourself “in your head” rather than being aware of others and what is going on around you. This may lead to becoming self-focused and self-absorbed, and you may have issues with relating, engaging, and connecting with others emotionally and through feelings.

During the 3rd Quarter to New Moon aspect of every moon cycle, you may become more self-focused and self-absorbed and feel the need to dive deeper into the inner personal world of your thoughts and ideas. Use this time wisely to assimilate your thoughts and ideas. Learn more about and understand your Self. It is a time for contemplation rather than external activity.

Your CHALLENGING Moon position is the 1st Quarter to Full Moon!

Creative Heart – sharing your feelings and emotions

Your challenge is to openly express the emotional side of your Self, share your feelings with others, and learn how to acknowledge, accept, and be compassionate when others are expressing and sharing their feelings with you. As you engage and connect with others through the sharing of your feelings, you will explore and expand the feeling aspect of your Self, and experience another way of being and relating to others in the world.

During the 1st Quarter to Full Moon aspect of every moon cycle, your inner world of thoughts and ideas may be challenged and you may experience situations where others are expressing their feelings with you, and opportunities where you can explore and express your feelings with others. This may push your inner buttons and you may feel anxious, impatient, and frustrated with others when this is happening. You may not feel the need to participate or want to engage with others in this way. This is your growth potential within each moon cycle.