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Each moon cycle can help you experience your Self in a new way.  Explore how you can grow with our personalized tools, workbooks, and virtual meetups.


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Simply enter your birthdate to view the unique Personal Dynamics of your consciousness. Our information comes from years of comprehensive research and spiritual study, bringing together a variety of methodologies and schools of thought.

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Our unique daily planner helps you plan your days and grow with the moon cycles. As you use your Moon Vibes Planner, you’ll become more aware of the rhythm of your personal growth as it builds on itself with each new illumination of the moon.

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Check out our extensive collection of blog articles, diagrams, workbooks, and personalized tools. Learn more about how consciousness grows, with a deeper understanding of your unique potential, the cycles and phases of time, sacred geometry, and more!

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Join our founder Wendy at the Moon Vibes class to learn about the current moon phase and how we’re growing. Or, join your fellow Human Beans at the Percolator meetup for a deep dive into your personal dynamics.