Like everyone, I feel I have seen, heard, and witnessed the gamut of responses to our current challenge of the corona virus. All in all, probably I have not experienced the “whole” gamut, and I will probably be presented with many more situational exercises. A while ago, in a previous blog, I posed several questions one of which was “What are we to learn from this?” I hold that question in mind as a neutral point of reference when inundated with the myriad of experiences.

What have I learned so far? This challenging time has reinforced a healing concept presented to me many years ago…

There is a spectrum. At one end of the spectrum there is physicality and at the other end there is spirituality. Everyone is somewhere on this spectrum. Each person’s relationship with death determines where they are on the spectrum. No position on the spectrum is better or worse, or right or wrong… it just is. At the end of physicality, those individuals identify with the physical aspect of humanness. They feel the need to “survive” at all costs and fear death as absolute. At the other end of the spectrum of spirituality, those individuals identify with themselves as an energetic being experiencing this human experience. They feel that death is a natural transition that leads to more profound experiences beyond this realm of humanness. There is no fear of death and “living” is held in mind rather than “surviving”.

There are many individuals that fall in the infinite positions in between the two extreme ends of the spectrum. After becoming aware of this spectrum, I witness those at the one end pointing a finger at those at the other end and claiming that they are not taking life seriously enough or taking life to seriously. They tightly defend their position on the spectrum and claim knowing what “really matters”. And then there are those in between, who fluctuate between physicality and spirituality and do not point a finger but do impose their position on others. Some of those in the middle simply don’t feel that the virus is an existential threat. I could go on and on with the many perspectives but will stop here with making my point.

I feel that, during this challenging time, each person is being presented with learning objectives that relate to where they fall on the spectrum and their relationship with death. Each person’s reality is unique and highly subjective according to the beliefs they hold in mind. No one reality has cornered the market on what “really matters”. Everyone’s perspective and opinions has relevance and feels “real” to them.

When we embrace the beautiful spectrum of humanness is when we can see and feel the Divine in these challenging times and in each other’s reality. We begin to understand not all of us may feel the same way about, approach, or embrace death similarly. To some it is very scary and what is happening is very overwhelming. To others they see it as a natural process where humanness is part of a greater symbiotic system where there are natural evolutionary situations that occur. To still others, it is just another, if major, disease to which politicians and the media have overreacted.

How each person approaches, relates, and responds to the virus is a freedom of choice. To impose a highly spiritual perspective on someone who is highly physically identified can seem to them as selfish and childish. To impose a highly physical perspective on someone who is highly spiritual can be oppressive and infringes on their rights to their existential beliefs.

My question to everyone… Are you aware of this spectrum? Are you aware of your relationship with death and where you are on this spectrum? Are you pointing a finger at the other end? Or are you holding in mind the beautiful diversity of our human experience?

What are you learning from what is being presented to you? How can you embrace your own beliefs, learn from them and also embrace other’s learning objectives? Gratitude is so important during these times. What others reflect to us is so important in what we are supposed to learn. What is being reflected to you from those around you? How can you embrace that and incorporate it into your own learning experience?

I hold everyone in my loving thoughts and mind…

Love and Light,