Hello Everyone!

I’ve had a new insight with understanding “Inclusiveness”!
My previous perception of inclusiveness had to do with others and being aware of how and when I may be exclusive, which is very pertinent and useful in many ways. Now… I have another perspective. Am I being inclusive with my Self? Do I acknowledge, accept, and embrace all aspects of my Self on an everyday basis: physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, and existential?

What has been shown to me is… if I cannot be inclusive with all aspects of my Self, then I will not be fully present and have the capacity to be inclusive externally with others.

How many times have I read and understood that “healing begins with me”… so many times I have lost count! Why is it that we tend to compartmentalize an understanding such as this and do not comprehensively apply it to all aspects of our experiences like “inclusiveness”? Healing begins with me, Inclusiveness begins with me!

Maybe, just maybe, the issues we are witnessing that have to do with inclusiveness within our society, are an expression of a lack on inclusiveness with our Self. What aspect(s) of your Self could you more readily acknowledge, accept, and embrace? Is there a relationship between those aspects of your Self that you are not readily acknowledging, accepting, and embracing, and how you interface with others and the world?

These are the questions I am currently pondering…

Happy Full Moon Week!

The Sun is fully illuminating the Moon in all its glory, and you and your consciousness are also fully illuminated. Have you experienced a new Self-realization? Are you experiencing your Self in a new way? The seeds of potential planted at the New Moon have fully developed into buds and are opening in all their splendor! The Full Moon week is a time for a greater awareness of your Self-expression. You are open and able to peek into the center of your amazing existential flower and experience and know a deeper aspect of your Self. Embrace your inner essence and let your radiance shine forth for all to see!

Neptune and Jupiter are the planetary influences of this moon cycle which presents to you a potential new understanding and expression of your Purpose. Have you been presented with new ideas and potential ways you may express our Self with others and the world? Pay attention to these new ideas and ways. This is foreshadowing of your potential growth that may unfold the rest of the year! 

Love and Light,